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For all your foot and ankle pains, Dr. John Fjerstad DPM can help. Whether you need help with an ingrown toenail, or need surgery, we will see you get the treatment you need. Our friendly staff will walk you through what to expect in your visit and answer any questions you may have. Our goal is to treat your pain, and treat you like a friend. If you are experiencing pain that won't go away, or something specific, give us a call, or come in today!
Insole to foot shape — Pediatric foot care in McKinleyville, CA

We Treat:

Infected wound — Pediatric foot care in McKinleyville, CA
  • Blisters or cysts that are painful and won't go away
  • Bunions
  • Corn, calluses, dry skin repair
  • Diabetic foot, toe and ankle care
  • Feet and Toes fungal care
  • Feet that are cracking, scaling or peeling
  • Foot wart treatments
  • Hammertoe treatment & surgery
Athlete's foot — Pediatric foot care in McKinleyville, CA
  • Heel and ankle pain
  • Nails, ingrown, thicken or damaged treatments
  • Orthotics
  • Pediatrics foot and ankle treatments
  • Sports medicine foot, toe and ankle medical care
  • Surgery foot, toe and ankle
  • Trauma care for your feet, toes and ankles
  • Wound/Ulcer foot care